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ABOUT Myra Thiessen

Myra is an award-winning Photographer & educator developing a love for all things Nikon. She is also a talented oil painter; creating imaginative works of art. 

Myra has finessed the ability to combine the two concepts.The beauty of oil painting, with all the zest of real life photography. Her personal theory for photography is "it is the only medium that stops time, from the moment that the shutter is pressed and the image is captured; the image will never be repeated again with all the elements that are happening at THAT moment." She finds that capturing a memory the most rewarding facet of photography and it is her goal every single shoot to achieve the level of excellence she strives to keep. She is a dedicated Nikon shooter seeing her use all of these years as a relationship of sorts. Being blessed to be on both sides of the lens, she brings a special skillset to every project. 

She's been published within both types of projects. Her interests vary from high fashion, artistic, boudoir, & family's but probably her favorite genre is Fine Art Portrait's & weddings.

Experienced, inspired and skilled-you get the entire package with Myra. Loving your work shows! She treats every client and project as a singularly special experience. Setting the bar for excellence in the industry and inspiring other artists to dive just as deep into their passions."

Represented the USA in the 2021 World Photographic Cup 
Myra Thiessen.jpg
World Photographic Cup


  Myra Thiessen is also a member of PPA, FPP & Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists & her local Professional Photographers Guild.


To date Myra has earned three masters degrees in photography.

  In 2018,2019,2020,2021 she was awarded one of Florida's Top 10 Photographers by FPP and also has merited multiple images from PPA,IPC,WPPI.

PPA 2018,2019 2020,2021 Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Photographer of the year

WPPI won 1st & Second place award

   Published in Professional Photographers of America magazine

and PPA Loan Book 2019, 2020, 2021

Rangefinder magazine along with VoyageTampa. 


2020 Master Photographers International awarded Digital Photographer of the year

2020 Class award.

2020 PPA  2 x GIA Finalist

2021 MPI 1st Place in 2 class awards

2021 World Photographic Cup 

2021 GIA Finalist 

2021 FPP Top 10 along with Best of show and 1st place.

2022 FPP First Place Commercial and Best of Show &

Judges choices award 

2022 Best of show in Commercial 

2022 First Place Commercial 

2022 Judges choices award

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